Drawing the most important lesson from the crisis in Ukraine

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1.  I refer to a reminder from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his facebook post  that said,

“… The Ukraine crisis remind us that small countries must defend themselves and cannot rely solely on international treaties or the promises of others. That is why Singapore must always maintain a strong Singapore Armed Forces and Home Team. At the same time, it must also have a capable Foreign Affairs Ministry to strengthen our ties with friends and allies. Only then can Singapore be safe and secure.”

2. PM Lee attached a map of Ukraine and Russia in his facebook post, presumably, to show ‘how small Ukraine is relative to Russia’ in geographical size.

map of ukraine russia

Ukraine is Not a Small Country in Terms of Its Population 

3. Armed forces of a country draw their manpower from its population, not its large land size. That is why comparing the population sizes makes more sense than comparing…

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About January

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me home jan 1


January? Couldn’t sleep well. Which is ‘something’ Something. I could usually fall asleep in seconds; always under a minute, no kidding. And there I was …. over a month and I would be in bed waiting …. waiting for morning.

Mom and sis were here deliberately playing coy with me after the reunion dinner. What now …. a vacation? some new household item? Bags? Trying to get them to talk, mom changed the subject and put on a panda cap I got from Beijing.

mom 1

Right …. no smiles there. I wasn’t a good son. This was one unhappy woman. Trying to ‘act cute’ I continued to cajole her. She was not about to smile one bit. I continue to try.

mom 2


No …. but better. The scowl is gone.

mom 3

Better? I should think so…

Trying …. trying ….

mom 4


SUCCESS!!! hahaha…. I tell myself I must put all this down for the record.

sis 1


Aight, to be honest, the credit goes to my caps. They decide to bring the caps back home.

me home jan 2


…… bye bye my cute cute caps ….

(aight … end of post…. not really as perspicacious as I would have prefered. but i am lazy, it’s past midnight and i have bloody hernia {so useful that one haha})


2014… > burp<

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Awesome, thanks a lot inguinal hernia; wonderful start for the year.

Protected: Miracles in December

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[MV] 2Bic(투빅) _ I’m loving you(사랑하고 있습니다) (Good Doctor(굿닥터) OST)

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SHOCKING Facts About Our CPF in Singapore! (Part 2)

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SHOCKING Facts About Our CPF in Singapore! (Part 2).

Hacker strikes fear among “good” citizens, part 2

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Originally posted on Yawning Bread:

Over the Deepavali weekend, nineteen (according to Yahoo) websites of government departments were offline. These included the Land Transport Authority and the Singapore Police Force. “Scheduled maintenance” was the cryptic official explanation though no one reported seeing any prior notice. Deepavali (also known as Diwali) is a major Hindu festival. Considering that a significant number of IT engineers are of Indian ancestry, it seemed a strange choice to pick this particular weekend to do IT work, and to “maintain” 19 government websites simultaneously.

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