Have Cat Hair, Will Cat Look?

Now I know this, and many of you know this: many dog owners I have seen for some mystical reason resemble their furry feathered pals. Trust me, it’s true!

However, this one really got me wondering. Cat hair designs…… Shall we even dare to guess what is in their catalogue?

1. Tina Turner’s Explosive Lionhead.

2. Sinead O’Conner’s Hairless Sphynx.

And here are some of their really satisfied customers:

Mr. Wilford Brimley


The ‘Wonderful’ Joan




Woah!!! This one we want!

Now ….. who wants a hairdo?


#1 Cause of Ageing is ….. (drum roll)

Yes! UVA rays! And wow I couldn’t be more stumped when I saw this.

Thank goodness for UVA rays. This has to be the BEST NEWS yet for EVERYONE! Guess what? Stay in total darkness your entire life and you should barely age at all. I know I will start making plans to live in the Arctic now, and coat my entire self with sunblock. Never mind that time passes by as usual and the years go by. Never mind that even though when time tells me I am 60 I will remain a youthful deathly white.

AWESOME! I’m so so happy now! Go go sunblock!

(Correction: Time is the #1 cause of ageing …. just in case …. )

You need to see this > http://geohotgotsued.blogspot.com/

Isn’t he just a jewel? Three years old and already too much to handle at times. Taro’s favourite pastime includes ignoring me when I don’t give him a treat, licking my iPhone and following up on his idol, ‘Geohot’. And Taro’s been rather sulky of late. His idol is being sued by Sony for hacking his own PS3. I own a PS3 myself, pay for everything I download and whatnot. However Geohot’s case does deserve some attention from you.

So….. help make my big little Taro here happy again and check out the following link. If you want to help, spread the word. If you wish to donate to his cause, any amount is welcome.

Now my next challenge …… getting Taro to learn how to press the L3 and R3 buttons! heh!

Geohot’s blog here > http://geohotgotsued.blogspot.com/