When Buying Eggs Requires an Internet Connection

No no, I do not mean going online to buy eggs. I simply need an internet connection so that I can search for the definitions of those words appearing on egg cartons now. It can be rather daunting really, when you can’t fathom just what the heck they are trying to sell you when you really just needed eggs. Fresh eggs.

I was just at the grocer’s last evening. Looking to buy a carton of eggs I was faced with a wall of albumen in shells packed in cartons with various kinds of descriptions. It has happened….. the buying of eggs has segmented in such variety to rival that of buying Coca Cola (Coke Light, Vanilla Coke, Coke, Coke Zero . . . ) They even once sold clear coloured Coca Cola! So out came my iPhone and I started snapping away and googling for some info to share with a very lost looking caucasian lady next to me.

All I wanted was eggs, I thought, I’m lucky however, at the very least I do not have to contend with buying eggs by their weight. Whoever came up with that silly idea?  It’s like telling my grandma her new dentures are going to cost depending on its weight, not the number of teeth she wants? …… might be a good deal for her really. I was told, however, that according to some diet, or the time of the year, the yolk may become richer, therefore the egg is heavier. That means I get less eggs (in count) than I might before. CONFUSING! Bakers, move out of Txxxland if they really decide to do this!

If it’s not damaged (or no one is complaining about an established system) DON’T FIX IT! Good Grief!

So, First Born Eggs? What the….? The 1st egg from every hen, ever? What’s so special about that? It’s like buying ‘trial eggs’. You know, the 1st issue of any products to test the market. The prototype. Just before the hen gets the hang of egg producing and laying and starts laying eggs with a consistency in terms of nutritional content, consistency, color, even shell thickness! NO THANKS, I’m not into being a guinea pig, nor do I have a penchant for inexperience.

Yup, Black Chicken Eggs….. WHAT? The hen was black? Or the eggs are black? Perhaps BOTH are black? I wonder . . . and many shoppers must have been wondering along with me as well: the shelf was stock full of this.

This I know, eggs from hens that are allowed to roam free. Picking food from everywhere and anywhere they can find. One look at the consistent shell color and I am not convinced. They all appear evenly matched. Kampong chickens are known for their sweeter tasting, more natural flesh (no steroids, so they are not meaty nor plumb). But the eggs, I am not certain. I’ll give this a try sometime.

Can you even pronounce that? Xeaxanthin. Omega 6, Low Cholesterol …. definitely eggs for the crew of X-Men. Supposedly an anti-oxidant and great for macular (retina) regenerative needs (Wolverine must have Xeaxanthin for his entire body). SKIP….. too many chemicals, and definitely not natural. I grabbed my carton of normal 1 dozen eggs and teleported right out!

Beautifully Awkward or Awkwardly Beautiful?

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. That’s an excuse people give when asked to be honest about someone else’s looks.

For the unknowing, this is Ann Ward, winner of cycle 15 of the long running series ‘America’s Next Top Model’. It has been and still is being hotly discussed in forums and the like about whether she is deserving of the title. Being 6’2″ and having a 24.5″ waist, Ann has lived the most part of her life being ridiculed at. Her awkwardness worked against her growing up. Coming onto the show, she manifested the amazing and unexplainable ability to time-freeze and capture images which were simply breath-taking.

Now with IMG New York, and having been recently booked by Versace, Ann’s one girl I hope I will get to see more of real soon. Here’s a few pickings of the new photos she has since done. And be prepared …. the photographs each speak to you. That’s just how amazing Ann Ward, America’s Next Top International Model, is.

I Refuse To Be Without You! (Part Two)

It’s back to the daily grind again, not the one that pays the bills. Not the work that keeps you alive, but the work that you live for.

‘XXXX (someone) Poked You’. So it reads in FaceBook (FB). You look to the right and it announces, much to your happiness, that 69 people have ‘poked’ you today. Great you think, all these people remember you. It’s simply wonderful when your birthday comes around the corner and you receive post after post of well wishes: You Are Popular! What’s the record now? I’m not sure, but I know someone who had no less than 49 webpages of birthday greetings. It was so surreal. Everything about you is shown to the world, so be careful about what you set as private information or open to the public domain.

You think it’s all nice and fun; your online persona. The ‘You’ that you so carefully portray, edit, photoshop, and upload online. Made a mistake? No problem; just delete the offending post, make some edits, perhaps more photoshopping, and upload. There, perfection. Real life never offers you such luxury.

You’d think its wonderful, smart, creative even, as you scour the internet for something intelligent to say online. ‘Cut & Paste’ is the new ‘Copy & Save’. But beware, everyone is watching.

Need to do some research on a job candidate? Google it. Look for him/her on FB. Scan through personal bio-data. Scrutinize their habits, photos, anything to tell on them. How about finding out all the fabulous dirt people are dishing out on someone else, or even on yourself?

Enter FaceBook (again!).

Pictures, pictures with friends, pictures with friends in certain locations… it gets worse, pictures with friends in certain locations doing certain things! Oh, and it can get doubly worse …. when you didn’t even post them yourself when lo & behold > Photo Tagging!

Be careful my fellow padawans … & welcome to the dark side of online profiles.

I Refuse To Be Without You! (Part One)

Do you have an online profile? More correctly, does anyone not have one?

I can almost immediately name Facebook as the top contender for profiling the most people anywhere on earth. Just what is this fascination we have with this online profiling thingamagic? And how far will some people take this and make it a part of their lives….. literally?

Having an online profile serves many purposes. For most, it is a means of communication. And for a larger than you expect portion of people, it is their main avenue of practicing ‘escapism’. Yup, you heard it here first: Escapism has become a hobby, almost an addiction.

For most modern-day ‘connected’ people, the day probably starts with them hunching over their laptop or PC and greeting everyone on their network such as Facebook, MySpace or the such. For others, it isn’t uncommon for them to reach for their iPhone or now increasingly common, their Android phone or Blackberry to do the same.

  • User A: ‘Good morning everyone! Time for morning workout!’
  • User B: ‘Sleepy morning, still in bed….. wish today was a holiday.’
  • Addicted User C: ‘Good morning my dear friends! Today is another day! Gym, office, movie with friends today. Anyone knows what movie I will be watching? Had such a nice dream! Tell you later! ….. blah ….. blah ….. (add photo) …. blahs more ….’

Saw yourself in any of the above scenarios? Or do you just check for messages? Whatever happened to waking up like they do in the movies; getting back into bed, or making a dump … haha. I can be almost 100% certain that if you do not fit in any of the three users, you at least check your messages. And if there aren’t any, you sulk and check profile updates of people you are stalking. If there are messages, you gleefully reply to the people you like and delete the rest. Or better yet, leave them in the mailbox to remind you of how popular you are.


So …. this has become our daily grind. It has crept ever so silently into your life you feel as if this was how life had always been like this. And should there be (god forbid) a network failure, ISP downtime and the like, signs of withdrawal will most definitely strike. I have seen someone morph into a completely useless lump of meat when his facebook profile was under investigation and subsequently deleted. I have heard of people, some even personal friends, who have paid (some even received payment!) handsome amounts of money and spent a copious amount of time having professional photographs taken of themselves and displaying them proudly online.

Some go so far as to pose for a photograph merely for the use of a blog post (GUILTY as charged!). Hahaha.

… to be continued.

Live music & a beer or two: Perfect nightcap.

The night is ending here in Asia. And there is nothing, NOTHING good on TV (American Idol is on btw). Well, unless of course I climb on top of it, now that’s Live TV! But for some truly good live music and beer, there is nothing quite like ‘Ned Kelly’s Last Stand’. This bar, located just slightly off the busier streets in Tsim Sha Tsui (11 Ashley Road), is one place steeped in history.

The walls of its dark, almost completely wooden interior are laden with many paintings, posters and other hangings which appear to have not been touched for decades. Nearer to the bar which is to the rear, is a stage; a rather generously spacious sacrifice. The band, you will soon discover is well equipped with percussion sets, a double-bass, a saxophone, a trumpet etc. Everything you would expect from a jazz band. The music? Well, I’m just an aficionado, but I can most certainly say it sounds pretty damn awesome. Coupled with the ambience, and the oftentimes interesting mix of guests, this is one place you must visit.

And the beer? That’s the plus!

If It Hurts, Say So!

“That Hurt”. It blinked across my iphone screen whilst playing “Ace Fighter Plane”.

I went blank for a moment, just a tad bit. But if you know me, you will know I have a bad sense of humour. “That Hurt”??? Huh???? Apparently, when the plane gets shot at, it feels pain, and pain, as we all know very well; HURTS. LOL, ROFL, HAHAHA. I have an iPhone, it can run a fighter plane game, and now, amazingly, it can feel pain.

I can’t quite recall when I did an iOS upgrade that included getting slammed at for bad piloting skills.

This one gets my vote! And it hurts so much just laughing about it, especially when I deliberately pilot my plane into incoming bullets till it explodes! Heh!