I Refuse To Be Without You! (Part Two)

It’s back to the daily grind again, not the one that pays the bills. Not the work that keeps you alive, but the work that you live for. ‘XXXX (someone) Poked You’. So it reads in FaceBook (FB). You look to the right and it announces, much to your happiness, that 69 people have ‘poked’ […]

I Refuse To Be Without You! (Part One)

Do you have an online profile? More correctly, does anyone not have one? I can almost immediately name Facebook as the top contender for profiling the most people anywhere on earth. Just what is this fascination we have with this online profiling thingamagic? And how far will some people take this and make it a […]

If It Hurts, Say So!

“That Hurt”. It blinked across my iphone screen whilst playing “Ace Fighter Plane”. I went blank for a moment, just a tad bit. But if you know me, you will know I have a bad sense of humour. “That Hurt”??? Huh???? Apparently, when the plane gets shot at, it feels pain, and pain, as we […]