If It Hurts, Say So!

“That Hurt”. It blinked across my iphone screen whilst playing “Ace Fighter Plane”.

I went blank for a moment, just a tad bit. But if you know me, you will know I have a bad sense of humour. “That Hurt”??? Huh???? Apparently, when the plane gets shot at, it feels pain, and pain, as we all know very well; HURTS. LOL, ROFL, HAHAHA. I have an iPhone, it can run a fighter plane game, and now, amazingly, it can feel pain.

I can’t quite recall when I did an iOS upgrade that included getting slammed at for bad piloting skills.

This one gets my vote! And it hurts so much just laughing about it, especially when I deliberately pilot my plane into incoming bullets till it explodes! Heh!


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