Live music & a beer or two: Perfect nightcap.

The night is ending here in Asia. And there is nothing, NOTHING good on TV (American Idol is on btw). Well, unless of course I climb on top of it, now that’s Live TV! But for some truly good live music and beer, there is nothing quite like ‘Ned Kelly’s Last Stand’. This bar, located just slightly off the busier streets in Tsim Sha Tsui (11 Ashley Road), is one place steeped in history.

The walls of its dark, almost completely wooden interior are laden with many paintings, posters and other hangings which appear to have not been touched for decades. Nearer to the bar which is to the rear, is a stage; a rather generously spacious sacrifice. The band, you will soon discover is well equipped with percussion sets, a double-bass, a saxophone, a trumpet etc. Everything you would expect from a jazz band. The music? Well, I’m just an aficionado, but I can most certainly say it sounds pretty damn awesome. Coupled with the ambience, and the oftentimes interesting mix of guests, this is one place you must visit.

And the beer? That’s the plus!


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