I Refuse To Be Without You! (Part One)

Do you have an online profile? More correctly, does anyone not have one?

I can almost immediately name Facebook as the top contender for profiling the most people anywhere on earth. Just what is this fascination we have with this online profiling thingamagic? And how far will some people take this and make it a part of their lives….. literally?

Having an online profile serves many purposes. For most, it is a means of communication. And for a larger than you expect portion of people, it is their main avenue of practicing ‘escapism’. Yup, you heard it here first: Escapism has become a hobby, almost an addiction.

For most modern-day ‘connected’ people, the day probably starts with them hunching over their laptop or PC and greeting everyone on their network such as Facebook, MySpace or the such. For others, it isn’t uncommon for them to reach for their iPhone or now increasingly common, their Android phone or Blackberry to do the same.

  • User A: ‘Good morning everyone! Time for morning workout!’
  • User B: ‘Sleepy morning, still in bed….. wish today was a holiday.’
  • Addicted User C: ‘Good morning my dear friends! Today is another day! Gym, office, movie with friends today. Anyone knows what movie I will be watching? Had such a nice dream! Tell you later! ….. blah ….. blah ….. (add photo) …. blahs more ….’

Saw yourself in any of the above scenarios? Or do you just check for messages? Whatever happened to waking up like they do in the movies; getting back into bed, or making a dump … haha. I can be almost 100% certain that if you do not fit in any of the three users, you at least check your messages. And if there aren’t any, you sulk and check profile updates of people you are stalking. If there are messages, you gleefully reply to the people you like and delete the rest. Or better yet, leave them in the mailbox to remind you of how popular you are.


So …. this has become our daily grind. It has crept ever so silently into your life you feel as if this was how life had always been like this. And should there be (god forbid) a network failure, ISP downtime and the like, signs of withdrawal will most definitely strike. I have seen someone morph into a completely useless lump of meat when his facebook profile was under investigation and subsequently deleted. I have heard of people, some even personal friends, who have paid (some even received payment!) handsome amounts of money and spent a copious amount of time having professional photographs taken of themselves and displaying them proudly online.

Some go so far as to pose for a photograph merely for the use of a blog post (GUILTY as charged!). Hahaha.

… to be continued.


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