Beautifully Awkward or Awkwardly Beautiful?

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. That’s an excuse people give when asked to be honest about someone else’s looks.

For the unknowing, this is Ann Ward, winner of cycle 15 of the long running series ‘America’s Next Top Model’. It has been and still is being hotly discussed in forums and the like about whether she is deserving of the title. Being 6’2″ and having a 24.5″ waist, Ann has lived the most part of her life being ridiculed at. Her awkwardness worked against her growing up. Coming onto the show, she manifested the amazing and unexplainable ability to time-freeze and capture images which were simply breath-taking.

Now with IMG New York, and having been recently booked by Versace, Ann’s one girl I hope I will get to see more of real soon. Here’s a few pickings of the new photos she has since done. And be prepared …. the photographs each speak to you. That’s just how amazing Ann Ward, America’s Next Top International Model, is.


2 thoughts on “Beautifully Awkward or Awkwardly Beautiful?

  1. She is truly amazing in all her photos,even her being humble is so commendable I just wish I could see more of her it is so difficult when you are not living in America where she is based. I wish someone would have a website on her and her current and future activities, and yes she deserves winning ANTM 120% just love her!!!!!


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