I Refuse To Be Without You! (Part Two)

It’s back to the daily grind again, not the one that pays the bills. Not the work that keeps you alive, but the work that you live for.

‘XXXX (someone) Poked You’. So it reads in FaceBook (FB). You look to the right and it announces, much to your happiness, that 69 people have ‘poked’ you today. Great you think, all these people remember you. It’s simply wonderful when your birthday comes around the corner and you receive post after post of well wishes: You Are Popular! What’s the record now? I’m not sure, but I know someone who had no less than 49 webpages of birthday greetings. It was so surreal. Everything about you is shown to the world, so be careful about what you set as private information or open to the public domain.

You think it’s all nice and fun; your online persona. The ‘You’ that you so carefully portray, edit, photoshop, and upload online. Made a mistake? No problem; just delete the offending post, make some edits, perhaps more photoshopping, and upload. There, perfection. Real life never offers you such luxury.

You’d think its wonderful, smart, creative even, as you scour the internet for something intelligent to say online. ‘Cut & Paste’ is the new ‘Copy & Save’. But beware, everyone is watching.

Need to do some research on a job candidate? Google it. Look for him/her on FB. Scan through personal bio-data. Scrutinize their habits, photos, anything to tell on them. How about finding out all the fabulous dirt people are dishing out on someone else, or even on yourself?

Enter FaceBook (again!).

Pictures, pictures with friends, pictures with friends in certain locations… it gets worse, pictures with friends in certain locations doing certain things! Oh, and it can get doubly worse …. when you didn’t even post them yourself when lo & behold > Photo Tagging!

Be careful my fellow padawans … & welcome to the dark side of online profiles.


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