“Do you want to not make plans with me?”

“Do you want to not make plans with me?”

You know what I mean; just hanging out with no set agenda for the day, choosing to spend time together doing whatever if ever. I can think of a few people I could do this with and there aren’t that many really. Some are here, a few in the past, and one more whom I thought would be best, is no longer around. Not that it matters now, and time has its way with things and with people (mostly people actually). It’s not really what you do in a day that matters, someone used to say this to me, but who you do it with. It’s not how you do that is important, but why you do it.

So why not? Why not just decide to do anything. ANYTHING. The first thing that comes to mind.

Baking (really? another food thing? I’m bonkers about food, yes perfect excuse, thank you very much).

Why baking? Let me think …

… think …

still thinking …

Mmm…. I once made brownies, from scratch no less and the saddest thing happened to it. It was unwanted. It just sat there, on my kitchen countertop, all hot and with that oven fresh air peppering all around it. I topped up the first slice with a manly amount of icing. Yes, it was manly. Enough to send a man to his knees… haha. Aight, I digress. That first slice of it, it just sat there, on it’s plate, dressed to the nineties. Looking all perfect and ready to kill anyone’s diet.

And it died. It just died right there, on my kitchen countertop. Yes, it was tragic. And I have never baked again since.

So there, perhaps that’s why I thought of baking. So there’s the WHY now. Now for the ‘who’ part. And if I can rightly find the who to do this with, I might just be able to find nothing to do, with this who… with! Does it work this way?


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