Deus Fortitudo Mea & then some

Late post … just wanted to post this up for the record. I realised there weren’t as many examples of chest tattoos done using Latin text. So here is mine, a chest piece, of a line of text in Latin. It reads Deus Fortitudo Mea (God is my strength).
During my search for a line of text I wanted for the chest tattoo, I found that most examples I encountered used the famous line ‘Carpe Diem’. And there were also numerous others in English, such as ‘Family’, ‘Love’ and names of loved ones. As I continued searching, I decided upon ‘God is my strength’ after sitting on it for months. And to make it more personal, I decided to have it done in Latin. I thought to myself that what I would have on my arm will already be in English and is quite noticeable. So why not have something on my chest which I thought few would understand unless they came up and asked me about it? It gave me an opportunity to show people what makes me tick …. well that was what I thought. So there, in Latin.

Oh by the way, as I was looking for the translation, many samples did in fact surface. There was Dominus (Lord) against Deus (God), Mea against Nostra, etc. I came upon having the decide between The Lord if my strength, God is my strength & The Lord is OUR strength, God is OUR strength. Got to learn a teeny itsy bit of Latin, and came out all the better for it.

Deus Fortitudo Mea


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