About January

me home jan 1


January? Couldn’t sleep well. Which is ‘something’ Something. I could usually fall asleep in seconds; always under a minute, no kidding. And there I was …. over a month and I would be in bed waiting …. waiting for morning.

Mom and sis were here deliberately playing coy with me after the reunion dinner. What now …. a vacation? some new household item? Bags? Trying to get them to talk, mom changed the subject and put on a panda cap I got from Beijing.

mom 1

Right …. no smiles there. I wasn’t a good son. This was one unhappy woman. Trying to ‘act cute’ I continued to cajole her. She was not about to smile one bit. I continue to try.

mom 2


No …. but better. The scowl is gone.

mom 3

Better? I should think so…

Trying …. trying ….

mom 4


SUCCESS!!! hahaha…. I tell myself I must put all this down for the record.

sis 1


Aight, to be honest, the credit goes to my caps. They decide to bring the caps back home.

me home jan 2


…… bye bye my cute cute caps ….

(aight … end of post…. not really as perspicacious as I would have prefered. but i am lazy, it’s past midnight and i have bloody hernia {so useful that one haha})



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