An unexpected gift
An unexpected time
The unexpected warmth
Ever ready to shine

Obsessively thinking
Compulsively pining
Precious few pictures
On print and in time

Pink lilies bloom
A bouquet of hearts
Fitting black shirt
I feel your heart

Yet expectedly full
Yet expectedly bright
Still moving along
Emotions on the rise

Inviolable the promise
Unapproachable its claim
I look for that destiny
I seek its flames


1 4 4 1 tapping away
watching the telly
alone this day

opening a box
that isn’t quite there
packing items without a care

1 4 4 1 making my way
to the gym to carry weights
heaving plates and lifting bars
another breath, another par

mates together spotting reps
pushing each other, one more set

comfort comes from such a place
unexpected i celebrate

this is just another day

Idle talk

Was having dinner with friends from Taiwan tonight.
Somehow the atmosphere felt tired and listless.
So I posed them 2 questions to get their attention
away from their phones. (yeah …. we are having
dinner as a group but yet each is busy hanging out
with their handsets).

So anyway …. no one got anything right…. again.

1. As a Chinese, I can rightly claim that we eat anything which has legs. Except for one. What is it?

2. What has a 100% mortality rate?

3. What starts with the letter E, ends with the letter E, and contains one letter?

4. What am I thinking of right now?

Did you get it? Do you know?

Slumbering whispers

sweeping seas they keep apart
wishes and hopes never depart
calling out with all my heart
praying all for a restart

return to whence the very start
return amend right from the heart

that truth sets free is what you seek
but be that tale I cannot speak

I pray to winds that span the seas
to carry me while on my knees
to seek, to find, and understand
to communicate my circumstance

in my dreams you hold my hands
in my slumber your calefacient plans
in the place where time resides
in his heart there I shall hide