An unexpected gift An unexpected time The unexpected warmth Ever ready to shine Obsessively thinking Compulsively pining Precious few pictures On print and in time Pink lilies bloom A bouquet of hearts Fitting black shirt I feel your heart Yet expectedly full Yet expectedly bright Still moving along Emotions on the rise Inviolable the promise […]

Sleep Sleep

Under the clouds the calling grows In its covers warm colours glow Flowing within I feel at peace Floating with light, summer’s breeze Under my covers, my blanket in hand With its ease your arms I grasp Fleeting memories pacing past I beckon in to sleep at last.


1 4 4 1 tapping away watching the telly alone this day opening a box that isn’t quite there packing items without a care 1 4 4 1 making my way to the gym to carry weights heaving plates and lifting bars another breath, another par mates together spotting reps pushing each other, one more […]

Idle talk

Was having dinner with friends from Taiwan tonight. Somehow the atmosphere felt tired and listless. So I posed them 2 questions to get their attention away from their phones. (yeah …. we are having dinner as a group but yet each is busy hanging out with their handsets). So anyway …. no one got anything […]