Keeping Manipulative People from Using You – Seeing the Situation Rationally

Tiffany, you are a bitch.
There….. I said it. lol


One thing to keep in mind about manipultors and abusers, is that they do not always tell you the truth. We want to believe they are, because we do not want to think someone is lying to us.

One thing you can do is to look at their situation more rationally,  rather than emotionally.

Here are some questions that will help you to evaluate the situation.  All of these will not apply to every situation. I tried to cover more than one scenario, with the list.

1. Is their situation that they are asking for help with, really as desperate as they are telling you?

2. Is there really no one else to help them?

3. Have they actually asked others for help, if they are telling you that you are the only one who can save them?

4. Is it as emotionally meaningful to them as they are saying…

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i know not when the silence comes
i know not how defences bow
to call upon and muster up
assemble, gather, collect myself

tides will ebb and skies will clear
yet dank and dark; all so near
soused in stupor there i stand
dowsed in prayer here i am

hope for dreams to take away
this lonely breath, abstract and slay
but night is long with endless days
with none to harken as i age

i watch and wait and witness this
i supplicate, i seek my fate
and as i wake, the skies are clear
and by its own, my end is here


palms in hand, ever so tight
ever so lightly, ever so right
fingers running up your face
to feel your closeness, to know its pace

in your slumber I await
stripped of words, trust in fate
in sight you still remain the same
heartbeats touch, never shall change

I watch you sleep, a moment so rare
to touch you, hold you, in my care
and to this day I hold so dear
in times of past, episodically clear

in my hands, i do not know
in my heart, i’ve lost control
on these thoughts, in its time
shades of hours pass the night

white shirt on with tussled hair
out I go; no time to spare
back thru town, central square
drinking pass in my despair

so hear me shout, watch me cry
all of this, kept deep inside
pawns of fate, slaves of age
yet only for your hand I wait