I lock the doors at night I sit alone and cry with candles in my hand I hold on to its light My eyes darting left My sight darting right Quickening breaths I take Heaving in plain sight All doors are locked tonight I do not have the key Gasping shallow breaths I cannot shut […]


深深的夜裡 陌生的聆聽 過去的一切 如夢不清醒 一時的歡喜 一生的憂鬱 一輩的負擔 自私的悲劇 夏季的寒風 冰冷的默契 原親的開始 親手兒失去 默默的等待 寂寞的未來 難免這事實 後悔的決定


In the darkness there I wait In its silence counting days Might it be the end is near With no fear I see its rear Through the ages biding time For this moment I shall shine To rise above this empty void To call upon my timeless joys In the fires of this space Meet […]