i’m losing sleep
i’m losing time
thoughts of you fill my mind

a song plays back
a voice that shines
i see that spark in your eyes

i wonder why
it baffles me
i feel i’ve gone back in time

i don’t want this
i fear my crime
not wishing you be mine

i can’t get up
i mustn’t stay on
just have the music playing on

it tears me up
it tears my eyes
yet your smiles fill my life


Cobbled stones weathered paths
Hills that paved an ancient past
Metal posts that light the way
Things unseen remain this day

From the east and to the west
The turn of time shall never rest
With conviction one must stand
Benediction in my hands

Search not for truth but let it show
A man thus judged let it be so
As seas part ways & skies close up
All shall be seen, all will be touched

Remember me & let it go
I have to join the coming flows
To meet my past & see myself
I’m nothing more than cobbled stones


I lock the doors at night
I sit alone and cry
with candles in my hand
I hold on to its light

My eyes darting left
My sight darting right
Quickening breaths I take
Heaving in plain sight

All doors are locked tonight
I do not have the key
Gasping shallow breaths
I cannot shut my sight

What will I do tonight?
It’s in here with me
Looking down my soul
I know not how to fight

It’s farewell to tonight,


In the darkness there I wait
In its silence counting days
Might it be the end is near
With no fear I see its rear

Through the ages biding time
For this moment I shall shine
To rise above this empty void
To call upon my timeless joys

In the fires of this space
Meet my powers feel my grace
A single light so pure and true
Where all things shall become anew

The final pieces are in place
Wait and witness for my fate
To end this deed and die in time
New life shall arise and shine

Keeping Manipulative People from Using You – Seeing the Situation Rationally

Tiffany, you are a bitch.
There….. I said it. lol


One thing to keep in mind about manipultors and abusers, is that they do not always tell you the truth. We want to believe they are, because we do not want to think someone is lying to us.

One thing you can do is to look at their situation more rationally,  rather than emotionally.

Here are some questions that will help you to evaluate the situation.  All of these will not apply to every situation. I tried to cover more than one scenario, with the list.

1. Is their situation that they are asking for help with, really as desperate as they are telling you?

2. Is there really no one else to help them?

3. Have they actually asked others for help, if they are telling you that you are the only one who can save them?

4. Is it as emotionally meaningful to them as they are saying…

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