red white orange blue, all the stars I see anew
looking back yet moving through, heading forward much to do
the twinkle’s gone, its paired anew, all i want is to push through

people passing through in line, one two three four
likens history fails to shine, five six seven eight
uttering mumbling rambling stuttering till it comes to number nine
taking stock of history’s chimes, finding now another rhyme
on the ready, get set go, moving fast travelling slow

a golden gift upon my hands
a beating heart none can withstand
on this last page, one never knows
so treasure what is inked till old

Mental Illness Bloggers Communicating Humanity and Vulnerability


Blogs about mental illness are some of the most captivating blogs that I love to read. I am interested in the topics they cover but that is not the only reason why they speak to me.

Bloggers that have struggled with mental illness have had to learn to be in touch with their humanity. In order to write your own mental illness, you have to dive deep into the darkest corners of your mind. The descriptions that they write are very vivid and full of human depth. There is a sense of soul searching that draws you into the posts.

I am not just counting the blogs that identify themselves as being “mental illness” blogs.  There are also some bloggers that suffer from OCD, depression, social anxiety and severe mental turmoil that chose not to identify their blog as such. However the content of their posts has very vivid…

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